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Everything you need to properly service your espresso machines and grinders.
Included in handy tool box: 20oz. jar powdered espresso machine cleaner, Nylon brush, brass brush, group head brush, stubby screw driver, scratch awl, back flush insert, grinder brush, & steam wand brush.
How should you be caring for your home espresso machine?
Coffee oils and residue will build up on your machine's group head and porta filter. It's important to keep these parts clean so your coffee tastes yum day after day. If your parts and pieces are black in color, you're not cleaning enough. Here's how:
Back flush: 1 time weekly alone + 1 time weekly with Group Clean
How: 5 mins. Insert blind porta filter + 1/4 tsp cleaning powder. Run "shot" about 5 seconds on/off, repeating 5-10 times. Then rinse by removing porta filter, rinsing, wiping*, inserting it clean, running shot. Repeat 5-10 times.
*Wipe group head with cloth and scrub off residue with brash/nylon cleaning brushes. Wipe porta filter clean with cloth in between until back flush water runs clean.
Group Clean: 1 time weekly
How: 10 mins. Back flush per above. Then, using flat head screwdriver, remove the group screen. Place screen, port filter with porta basket removed into container filled with hot water and 1/4 tsp cleaning powder. Let soak 30 mins or longer. When soak is complete, easily scrub off all brown/black coffee residue until all parts are shiny and pretty.
Steam Wand Purge steam, wipe clean. Unscrew steam tip, soak or scrub clean of any milk residue that may exist.
Don't forget your grinder! 2 mins. Remove coffee from hopper, lift out top grinding burr (depending on model) wipe all coffee oils from all surfaces. Hopper can be cleaned with mild soap and water. Dry and re-assemble.