Pour Over Brewing

Easy, dependable, and incredible every time you brew. Pour over brewing lets you stay in control of your brew's flavor. You control your grind degree, water temperature, pulse intervals, and brew time so you get exactly what you want. The best part is you never waste coffee by brewing more than you'll drink. Want another cup? Brew a fresh batch in 3 minutes. Start with just a dripper, or build your pour over brew bar to the max!
See Brew Guide: POUR OVER


Pour over brewing appeals to those who love the ritual of brewing an amazing cup or two. It's the hands-on coffee brewing experience in just about 6 minutes, starting with heating the kettle and ending with the final drip. Having the right tools will help you make the process efficient and the outcome consistent.

DRIPPER Start with this basic item and build your pour over bar from there. Or, just keep it simple with a dripper and a cup. We love the quality drippers made by Hario in ceramic or glass. Or, grab a system from Hario or Fellow that includes the dripper and server.


SERVER This is the piece that you brew into. It can be glass or thermal to keep the brew (and the second cup) hot.


GRINDER A quality burr grinder is an absolute requirement to get an even, consistent and repeatable grind. The Baratza series of grinders are the best of the industry. Choose the Encore for (anything but) entry level grinding, or the Preciso for added features like grind by time.


SCALE This little item makes it so much easier, because you can weigh your coffee, your water, and the pour volumes as you go. The Hario system is designed to integrate the scale, stand, server and dripper. Such a cool little coffee station!


SCOOP Accuracy is critical! The best option is to weigh your coffee for each batch. Just weigh into a container (or the dripper and filter) on the scale, then toss into the grinder hopper to grind exactly what's needed for your batch (10.6g per 6 oz or 170g water). The second best option is a Tablespoon measure, where each T is about 7g of coffee. We recommend brewing with 1.5 T for every 6 oz of water.


WATER FILTER If your water tastes like old tires, so will your coffee! Use spring water from the grocery store, or filter your water with a pitcher that can take on taste, odor AND mineral content. Ideal mineral content is 50-150ppm for brewing coffee. Find a pitcher that uses the MAXTRA+ filters, like the the Brita Marella.


FILTERS Paper filters will give you the cleanest brewed cup. Choose an oxygen cleansed white filter for the little to no paper taste. Hario and Fellow both have their own dedicated filter sizes. If you select a brown natural filter, just be sure to rinse before brewing to help reduce the noticeable paper taste. If you prefer a gold cone to avoid paper entirely, that's great too, but these filters will let more of the non-dissolveable solids into your cup.