Lizzy’s Fresh Coffee, founded in 2008, brings coffee lovers everywhere a delicious, cheerful coffee experience.

Lizzy’s thoughtfully sources only top-quality Specialty Grade Arabica coffees from around the globe, including Certified Organic and Fair Trade coffees.


Green coffees are attentively roasted to order, featuring a range of single origins as well as custom curated blends. This beautiful offering of freshly roasted coffees will please a range of sipping preferences, with roasts that range from bright & fruity, to sweet & rich, to dark & toasty.


Lizzy’s is your go-to for everything coffee, with a range of coffee brewing equipment and practical coffee tips to make home brewing a success! Create custom labeled coffees for any occasion for shipping anywhere nationwide.

Our Roasting Schedule

We roast and ship every week, Monday through Thursday, excluding holidays.
Order cut-off: Every roasting day at 6 a.m. MST. All orders received up to the cut-off time will be roasted and shipped, or ready for pick up, on that business day. Orders received after that day's cut-off will be roasted and shipped, or ready for pick up, on the next roasting day. If your regularly scheduled delivery day lands on a holiday, we will roast & ship your order on the business day following the holiday.

Example: If you place your order on Monday at 2pm, your order will be roasted/shipped/ready on Tuesday. If you place your order on Thursday at 8:15am, your coffee will be roasted/shipped/ready on the following Monday. Pick up time is after 3pm (details below).


Shipping Methods: USPS Priority Mail is the best value for shipments under about 5 pounds to most locations. Delivery is 1-3 days in almost all cases, but is not a 100% guaranteed service from USPS. If you must ensure arrival of an order by a specific date, please select a guaranteed service, such as USPS Express Mail, UPS 1 Day or 2 Day etc.


Local Ketchum Order Pick Up: If you live in the Wood River Valley, and would prefer to pick up your order in person with no shipping charges, we'll have your order ready for you to pick up after 3 p.m. the day it's roasted, in our Ketchum Coffee Box. Select "Ketchum Coffee Box Pickup" for the shipping method at checkout. We'll confirm via email that your order is ready for pick up, and you can come and get it whenever it's convenient for your schedule! Your coffee will be waiting, whether you drop by morning, noon, or night

What Makes our Coffee Amazing?

You love your coffee. You're always on a quest to find the most flavorful beans to enjoy, and for some reason, you always seem to come up short. You had great coffee at "that one café, that one time" but you just can't figure out why that was so insanely delicious, and why what you always buy tastes so, well, lame. Why is that?

We'll let you in on a little secret (well, ok a few secrets).


Bean Quality Counts! Coffee is not just coffee. Beans range from super yucky to crazy amazing. Specialty Grade coffee is the top grade, and only about 10% of the world's production. Within this grade there's still great and so-so. That's where your roaster comes in....taking the time to sample roast and taste different coffees, then only selecting the ones that'll knock your socks off.


Ok, great! So what counts next? 

Attentive roasting...A roaster can't just throw the coffee in the roaster, turn it brown and hope it tastes good. Nope, each coffee has to be carefully roasted to develop the best flavor potential each selection has to offer. Then, do that every time so each bag you purchase tastes just how you expect.


Ok, and here it is…the final and most important thing of all.....The coffee has to be fresh! It's true! Coffee only tastes fresh for about 2 weeks from the date it's roasted. After that, the amazing aroma and satisfying flavor characteristics quickly disintegrate, leaving only a stale, harsh, sour and rancid flavor behind. Not cool! Stale coffee is stale coffee no matter where it comes from.


So now, just like that, you're on the inside. You know the secrets to fantastic, flavorful coffees....Quality green coffees, attentive roasting, and only fresh.... Looks like you've come to just the right place to find exactly what you've been searching for. Sweet as. 

Why Does Freshness Matter?

Do you buy baked goods that are weeks or even months old? Of course not! Why would you pay a premium price for coffee that's lost all its flavor and is as stale as an old shoe? The reality is that coffee only stays fresh for about 2 weeks from the date it's roasted. Shocker, huh?

After that, it becomes nothing but a brown memory of its once flavorful self that soon tastes harsh, bitter and sour. Aromas vaporize, and oils become rancid, to highlight just a little of the sad news.

So many of us believe this old coffee flavor is what coffee is supposed to taste like, but it's not! It's not what you should settle for, and it's definitely not what you should pay for. Only freshly roasted coffee can deliver the sweet experience...aromatic, rich, and full of flavor.

How does Lizzy's make sure that's what you get to enjoy?

Our coffees are only roasted to order. You order, we roast, and we ship to you the very same day! (See our roasting schedule above.) Whether you're picking up your local order at day's end or we're shipping across the country, you'll enjoy the complete flavors and aromas your coffee is capable of presenting.

Here's a little insider secret about fresh coffee.....

Believe it or not, coffee actually needs time to "degas" after roasting, so the 1-3 day period for transit or pickup is perfect! Your coffee will be at its flavor peak and ready to enjoy. Sheesh, we couldn't have planned that better.

Every bag of our coffee is marked with the roasting date right on the bag. While it's fresh, you'll experience the intensity, flavor, and guaranteed freshness you deserve to enjoy in every cup you brew.

Your coffee is about you, after all, so find the type of roast that makes you happy, order it, and sip it while it's fresh. You can even sign up for a subscription so you're sure to have your fresh beans roasted when you need them.

Lizzy's Fresh Coffee is proud to be a USDA Certified Organic Coffee Roaster

What does this mean?

At the farm level, organic coffee is produced by farmers who emphasize the use of renewable resources and the conservation of soil and water to enhance environmental quality for future generations. Organic coffee is produced without using most conventional pesticides; fertilizers made with synthetic ingredients or sewage sludge; bioengineering; or ionizing radiation. After coffee is grown and harvested, certified organic handling standards are met throughout the supply chain to ensure that when coffees arrive at Lizzy's Fresh Coffee, the integrity of the organic quality is maintained. Why then, wouldn't that be considered organic coffee, you might ask? Good question!

If you can imagine a quarterback tossing a perfect spiral throw to the receiver, who then runs it 60 yards toward the end zone...but instead of crossing the line for the touchdown, he stops just a yard short, sits down, and calls "close enough" a touchdown. Well, it's not a touchdown, and at a yard short, it's not certified organic either...

The coffee roaster - the one responsible for the final yard before reaching you, the customer - must also become a certified organic processor for the coffee to be claimed as USDA Certified Organic on the label.

It's a commitment to the organic product, by which we ensure that our handling, roasting, and packaging methods are performed per organic processing standards. 

As the consumer, identifying a USDA Certified coffee is easy! Just look for the USDA Certified Organic logo on the front label of the coffee. You'll then know that the entire supply chain, including the coffee roaster, has complied with the organic standards, and you're truly receiving the organic product you've made the conscious choice to consume.

Lizzy's Fresh Coffee is certified organic by the Idaho State Department of Agriculture (ISDA)

Certified Fair Trade

Lizzy's Fresh Coffee is a Fair Trade Certified Coffee Roaster 
Fair Trade helps farming families across Latin America, Africa and Asia to improve the quality of life in their communities by empowering farmers and farm workers to lift themselves out of poverty by investing in their farms and communities, protecting the environment, and developing the business skills necessary to compete in the global marketplace.

Fair Trade principles include supporting fair price, fair labor conditions, direct trade, transparent organizations, community development, and environmental sustainability.

Specialty Coffee Association & Roaster's Guild

From coffee farmers to baristas and roasters, SCA membership spans the globe, encompassing every element of the coffee value chain. SCA acts as a unifying force within the specialty coffee industry and works to make coffee better by raising standards worldwide through a collaborative and progressive approach. Dedicated to building an industry that is fair, sustainable, and nurturing for all, SCA draws on years of insights and inspiration from the specialty coffee community.

The SCA provides world-class events, education, research, and standards;  promotes best practices and professionalism; and amplifies voices within the specialty coffee value chain.


Here at Lizzy's, we're constantly learning, growing and improving our professional knowledge within the specialty coffee world, and the association has proven an invaluable resource in our journey. Founder, trainer, and roaster Liz Roquet has completed top barista and roasting certifications.