Drip coffee makers deliver a delicious, consistent cup every time

The secret is a capable brewer that can deliver the right water temperature (195-205f), has pulse brewing to manage the extraction rate, and a shower head to evenly wet the grounds. Now we're brewing!

Nothing is more satisfying than a rich and snappy cup of drip coffee. Buying freshly roasted top-quality coffee is step one. The next step? Your gear! Capable brewing equipment is critical to transform that incredible bean into an equally incredible brewed cup. Below is everything you'll need to brew like a pro at home

DRIP BREWERS Not all are created equal. Look for a Specialty Coffee Association approved brewer that matches your style and budget. These machines meet the rigorous requirements of brewed coffee quality as determined by the SCA. We offer (and love) the Technivorm Moccamaster products


GRINDER A quality burr grinder is an absolute requirement to get an even, consistent and repeatable grind. The Baratza series of grinders are the best of the industry. Choose the Encore for (anything but) entry level grinding, or the Preciso for added features like grind by time.

The next step is to set up your bar with all the ACCESSORIES. Here's what each item is for:


SCALE OR SCOOP: Accuracy is critical! The best option is to weigh your coffee for each batch. Just weigh into a container on the scale, then toss into the grinder hopper to grind exactly what's needed for your batch (10.6g per 6 oz or 170g water). The second best option is a Tablespoon measure, where each T is about 7g of coffee. We recommend brewing with 1.5 T for every 6 oz of water.


WATER FILTER: If your water tastes like old tires, so will your coffee! Use spring water from the grocery store, or filter your water with a pitcher that can take on taste, odor AND mineral content. Ideal mineral content is 50-150ppm for brewing coffee. Find a pitcher that uses the MAXTRA+ filters, like the the Brita Marella.


FILTERS: Paper filters will give you the cleanest brewed cup. Choose an oxygen cleansed white filter for the little to no paper taste. Or, select a brown natural filter, but just be sure to rinse before brewing to help reduce the noticeable paper taste. If you prefer a gold cone to avoid paper entirely, that's great too, but these filters will let more of the non-dissolveable solids into your cup.


FROTHER: Who doesn't love a little hot textured milk sometimes? If that's something that will make you smile, grab a Bodum instant milk frother! Heats and froths milk (or alternative) in about 2 minutes.