Home Espresso Machines

If your dream is to make café quality coffees at home, it starts with capable equipment.

See Brew Guide: ESPRESSO


If you want cafe quality, you'll need to start with the right gear and some training. We can help you with all of that! Lizzy's will set you up with our training videos or in person training for local customers.


By now you've probably chosen the ESPRESSO MACHINE that matches your style and budget. Every machine we offer has the potential to brew perfect espresso and milk texture, so it comes down to style and feature preferences.


BUT...The machine is only the first step to great coffee at home. Below is the everything else you'll need for the perfect espresso bar!

GRINDER Truly, the Baratza SetteWi is what we recommend for every home barista. The grind by weight feature, direct dosing, price, and grind quality cannot be beat. This is even the grinder you'll find at Lizzy's house!


The next step is to set up your bar with all the ACCESSORIES. You'll need everything shown here, and here's what each item is for:


TAMPER: After you grind coffee into your portafilter, you'll distribute it and then pack it down with about 30 lbs of pressure before brewing. This is a required step for espresso brewing and no other tool can do it.


TAMPING MAT: Cushions your wrist when tamping and protects your countertops from damage from the portafilter.


KNOCK BOX: Easily knock out spent coffee grounds after brewing.

SHOT GLASS: Espresso brewing parameters require a volume of 1 oz (.85-1.2oz) per shot within 20-30 seconds time. The marked shot glass helps you understand your extraction so you'll know if you need to make grind adjustments.


STEAMING PITCHERS: The shape and size of the pitcher allows the proper aeration and movement of milk to create the perfect microtexture. The pour spout is key to execute that perfect latte art - the finishing touch on any macchiato, cappuccino or latte!


WATER FILTER: Properly protecting your investment from scale build up is critical. An espresso machine can be wrecked in months (we've seen it happen!). Be sure your water is 50-150 ppm. Not only will it keep your machine in tip-top shape, but it will ensure great tasting shots!

CLEANING SUPPLIES: An espresso machine won't clean itself. Yes, you'll have to clean every 1-2 weeks. What's 15 minutes out of your life, though, when the tradeoff is incredible coffee at home?