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Product Description

Do you love your iced coffee brewed fresh? The Hario V60 brews with hot water and immediately chills over ice to deliver every drop of the coffee's complexity into your glass. Incredibly refreshing and easy to drink. The bonus of this great little glass brewer is that you can remove the ice chamber, and brew your hot pour over as well! Lizzy's Tip: Select one of Lizzy's single origin Limited Edition coffees to experience a refreshing coffee with bright summer flavors.

Here's how to get it done:
Tools for the job
Hario V60 Iced Coffee Maker
Measuring scoop or scale
Hot water kettle
#2 Hario paper filters (with pointed tip, not flat tip)
Burr coffee grinder

Fill the Hario insert with ice to about 1” from top and assemble This ice will account for about 4 oz liquid when melted in brewing

Place paper filter in dripper, and set dripper atop brewer

Heat 12 oz water on stovetop or electric kettle to boil
At sea level, water boils at 212 F – Let cool to about 205 degrees if you live at low elevation
At high elevation (about 5000 ft) boiling point is about 203
Optimal brewing temp is about 195-205.

Measure coffee and place in paper filter in brewer
By weight: 32 g for 16 oz

By volume: 4 T for 16 oz mug

Grind Coffee
Use fine drip setting (about texture of refined sugar)
Place ground coffee into paper filter in dripper

Set countdown timer to 3 minutes and start
Pour about 1/6th of the hot water into coffee in circular motion to wet the grounds
Coffee will "bloom" or poof up for 30 seconds or so
At 2:30 pour 1/6th more
At 2:00 pour 1/3rd more
At 1:00 pour 1/3rd and allow to finish brewing

Sip & Enjoy!