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Roast: Medium-Light
Experience: Brown Sugar, Green Grape

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Product Description

Get to Know This Coffee Like a walk through a lush forest, this coffee is alive with hidden treasures and delivers a total sensory escape. Brew as drip, press, espresso.

BRONZE MEDAL WINNER! 2023 Golden Bean North America Coffee Roasting Competition

The Details This spunky washed coffee is grown around 5100 ft by members of the Kibugu Farmers Coop. Embu is located in the foothills of Mount Kenya in the rich soil surrounded by 6 rivers. Coffee is picked, de-pulped, fermented then soaked underwater before drying on raised beds.

Enjoy brown sugar & green grape in this medium-light roast.

What's Cool In Kenya, Peaberry coffee beans stand out due to their intriguing biology. Unlike typical coffee beans that come in pairs within a cherry, Peaberry beans develop as singular, rounded seeds. This natural occurrence results in a distinct shape and is said to enhance the concentration of flavors in each bean. It's a fascinating quirk of nature that makes Peaberry coffee beans truly unique.