8411-12 OZ

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Roast: Light + Medium-Dark
Origin: Colombia, Brazil, Kenya, Ethiopia
Experience: Raspberry, Caramel, Cocoa

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Product Description

Get to Know This Coffee The name was inspired by the view out our roasterie window! At 8411 feet, Griffin Butte keeps us smiling season after season with its beauty as it changes from summer green, to autumn yellow, and winter white. Created to shine brewed as espresso & espresso + milk.

BRONZE MEDAL WINNER! 2023 Golden Bean North America Coffee Roasting Competition

The Details The “Jewel” of this coffee blend is from Colombia Finca Juan Martin Sotara. This delightful Pink Bourbon "Variety Select" coffee is grown by farmers at Finca Juan Martin. Located in the highest area of Sotara at 6700 feet. This incredible natural process coffee is hand sorted, cleaned, and dried for at least 2 weeks on raised beds.

The rest of the blend consists of 4 stellar coffees from Brazil, Colombia, Kenya and Ethiopia, each bringing something to the table for a balanced blended coffee that delivers straight or when put up against milk. 

We roast different components of this coffee to different degrees so that we can coax the best of each of them before blending.

Enjoy raspberry, peach, and chocolate in this light + medium-dark roast.

What's Cool Why do we blend coffees together? Think of the first time you drank strawberry-kiwi-apple juice. Who knew that would be so delicious! The same idea applies to blending coffees from various origins. Where one coffee does it magic and leaves off, the next one picks up and fills the gap. The end result is an incredible experience that doesn't exist in nature by itself. The selection of coffees for each blend, along with the roasting approach is what makes each of Lizzy's blended offerings unique from any other roasterie.