The Chemex coffeemaker will let you brew a delicious, clean, vibrant batch in just about 6 minutes.

Tools for the job
Chemex 8 or 3 cup brewer 
Chemex filters for your brewer size
Measuring scoop or scale
Coffee grinder
Hot water kettle large enough for size selected

Heat water on stovetop or electric kettle to boil 
Optimal brewing temp is 195-205. At sea level, water boils at 212 F – so let water cool for a minute to 205 degrees. At high elevation (about 5000 ft) boiling point is about 203 so water can be used immediately. Measure coffee (adjust as needed to your taste)
3 cup (15oz Chemex) - 32g or 4.5 T
8 cup (40oz Chemex) - 71g or 10 T

Grind Coffee 
Use coarser setting (about texture of coarse salt)
Place ground coffee into filter in Chemex

Brew (about 4 mins small, 6 minutes large) 
Set countdown timer for 4 minutes for 3 cup, and 6 minutes for 8 cup
Pour enough hot water directly onto coffee to wet it
Coffee will "bloom" or poof up for 30 seconds or so
Slowly pour water in circular motion to fill up to about 1/2” inch of the top
When room allows (each 1 minute), pour next portion water in circular motion as above
When all water has passed through coffee, it’s done brewing Lift paper filter with coffee out of Chemex and toss
*Tip: If brew time is fast, adjust grind finer. If brew time is slow, adjust grind coarse.

Immediately pour into your mug.


Sip & Enjoy!