Brewing coffee using the Toddy Cold Brew System is a great way to enjoy coffee at your fingertips any time. Perfect for iced coffees or lattes. Brew a batch and keep in your refrigerator for up to 2 weeks.

Tools for the job

Toddy Brewer

Toddy paper filter

Toddy Felt Filter

Toddy Plug

Cold Filtered Water

12 oz Bag Lizzy's (Ground #5) or Home Grinder

This is the Dual Filtration Method using both the round felt filter and the paper filter bag:

Set up:

Insert plug into outside bottom of brewing container, dampen the felt filter and place in bottom, place paper filter in brewer



Add 12 oz of coarsely ground coffee (#5 at Lizzy's) to paper filter in the brewer

Add 8 cups cold filtered water, wetting all the grounds

Fold over paper top tightly and place container lid on brewer

Let brew at room temperature for 18-24 hours



Remove the stopper and let your coffee concentrate flow into the glass decanter (takes 10-15 mins)

Discard coffee and rinse your brewer.

Place rubber stopper in decanter to use and store for up to 2 weeks.


Fill 12 oz glass with ice, 2 oz cold brewed coffee, add 4 oz cold water or cold milk.



6-8 oz mug, combine 2 oz coffee concentrate with 4 oz water or milk and heat the whole cup in the microwave (we lovingly call this the "condo cappuccino"

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