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It's hard to find a house without an electric drip machine these days. Be sure your brewer is able to brew at 198-202 degrees during its brew cycle of 6 minutes. With the right machine, it's a great way to get the job done quickly & efficiently, for yourself or for a crowd.

Here's how to get it done:

Tools for the job (*required)
Drip coffee brewer*
Measuring scoop or scale *
Paper filters to fit your coffee machine*
Coffee grinder

Place paper filter in machine's brew basket

Measure coffee (adjust as needed to your taste)
By weight: 7-14 g for each 6 oz cup
By volume: 1-2 T for each 6 oz cup

Grind Coffee
Use drip setting (a little coarser in texture than refined sugar)
Place ground coffee into paper filter in filter

Start brew. It's always best to brew a full pot, as the entire brew cycle should take 6 minutes for proper extraction. Brewing smaller batches usually results in underextraction, but your machine may have a setting to prolong the brew of small batches.

Sip & Enjoy!