It's hard to find a house without an electric drip machine these days. Be sure your brewer is able to brew at 198-205 degrees during its brew cycle of 6 minutes. With the right machine, it's a great way to get the job done quickly & efficiently, for yourself or for a crowd.

Tools for the job (*required)
Drip coffee brewer*
Measuring scoop or scale *
Paper filters to fit your coffee machine*
Coffee grinder


Place paper filter in machine's brew basket


Measure coffee (adjust as needed to your taste) 
By weight: 10.6g for each 170g water or 6 oz cup 
By volume: 1.5 T for each 6 oz cup (you can use at little as 1T and as much as 2T - just adjust to your preference)


Grind Coffee 
Use drip setting (a little coarser in texture than refined sugar)
Place ground coffee into paper filter in filter


Start brew. It's always best to brew a full pot, as the entire brew cycle should take 6 minutes for proper extraction in a standard size drip machine (8-12 cups). Brewing smaller batches usually results in underextraction, but your machine may have a setting to prolong the brew of small batches.

Single cup brewers like the Cup One will take 3 mins.


Sip & Enjoy!