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Roast: Medium-Light
Origin: Cauca
Experience: Cooked Raspberry, Ginger

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Product Description

*New Coffee from Finca Juan Martin*

Get to Know This Coffee Like seeing your best friend from childhood, this coffee's personality will have you brimming with excitement, and giggling like a kid. Brew as drip, press, espresso.

The Details This delightful Red Stripe Bourbon "Variety Select" coffee is grown by farmers at Finca Juan Martin. Located in the highest area of Sotara at 6700 feet. This natural process, anaerobic coffee is hand sorted, cleaned, and dried for at least 2 weeks on raised beds.

About Lizzy’s Fresh Coffee Lizzy’s Fresh Coffee is proud to be a family-owned and operated coffee shop in Ketchum, ID — but we’re also an online coffee store, providing roasted-to-order coffee beans to customers wherever they live! We love sharing our coffee expertise with everyone, and no matter how you enjoy your coffee, we think you’ll absolutely fall in love with having fresh coffee beans delivered from Lizzy’s Fresh Coffee right to your doorstep. Place your order today!

Enjoy cooked raspberry, ginger in this medium-light roast.

What's Cool The Juan Martin farm is dedicated to developing environmentally conscious practices as well as providing jobs to community members with educational opportunities. The steep slopes where the coffee is grown requires soil conservation and attentive management of the undergrowth. The teams perform detailed evaluation of crops to stay ahead of pests or disease, and tree surfaces are cleaned every 75 days. All this in order to adhere to the highest standards of quality throughout cultivation, harvesting, and processing.