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Consistently brewed coffee and beautiful looks.

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Product Description

Enjoy high-tech brewing in this clean and simple brewer from CHEMEX®. Brews efficiently and keeps your coffee hot. This version 2.0 can also brew iced coffee with a special Iced Coffee Mode.

Automatically manages key brewing variables

  • Pre Infusion
  • Contact time of water to coffee
  • Wetting of entire coffee bed
  • Heating water to the Specialty Coffee Industry target temp (197.6F-204.8F)
  • Hot Plate which keeps the coffee warm without burning or compromising flavor (auto off after 90 mins)

Fits all 5, 6, 8 cup Chemex coffeemakers
Use CHEMEX® Bonded Filters: FP-2, FP2N, FC-100, FS-100, FSU-100

Six Cup Classic Series Coffeemaker
Small pack of CHEMEX® Bonded Filters
Glass coffeemaker cover
Coffeemaker cleaner

Size: 11 x 7 1/2 x 11 1/2 Inches High

How to Brew: Place a filter in the top of the carafe, put 1.5 tablespoon of coffee for every 5 ounce cup of desired brewed coffee into filter cone, ground course. Place carafe onto heating element and adjust so that the open filter is located below the sprayhead. Fill the tank with water until desired level is reached and replace tank cover. Switch the power button to the on position. The small bar found on the base of the Ottomatic® will light up to indicate the brew is in process. When the light changes from red to white, the tank will be empty and the the last drops of coffee will be extracting into the carafe. - Remove and dispose of the filter. Fill your mug. Enjoy.

Warranty Information

Manufacturer limited warranty 1 year from date of original purchase