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How to Store your coffee

Ok, so you've purchased some amazing freshly roasted coffee. How do you take care of it from here? What? Rules, you're thinking? Yep…but if you know these 3 secrets, your coffee will be tasty for up to 2 weeks.

Coffee's Life is Very Short: Unfortunately, coffee will only stay fresh and flavorful for up to 2 weeks from its roasting day. So ideally you purchase only what you can consume in that time. During the staling process, the oils oxidize, becoming rancid, and the aromas disappear…yep….poof. Sorry, there's no botox on the planet that can delay it. The good news is that you can be sure that it's as slow as possible so you can enjoy every sip during the short time you have together.

Know the Enemies: Coffee is kind of anti social. Air, moisture, and light are coffee's enemies. Plain and simple…letting these be all up in your coffee's business will make your coffee stale faster than you can say yuck. Store your coffee in an airtight, opaque container to keep it happy.

Coffee Hates to be Cold or Hot: Finicky little thing, it is. Never store your 2 week fresh coffee supply in the freezer or refrigerator. And never store in a hot place like on top of a fridge or in a cabinet over the oven. In and out of the freezer or fridge introduces moisture, and exposure to heat gives the coffee sweaty armpits. Both situations break down the amazing intense aromas and flavors. Coffee likes to be at room temperature, right on your countertop.

Options for Storage:

The bag it came in. Here at Lizzy's we package our coffee immediately after roasting in foil bags with one-way degassing valves (that's the little thing that looks like a belly button on your coffee bag). This allows the CO2 to escape, but doesn't allow any oxygen in. It also keeps away moisture and light. It's a great way to store your coffee if you simply roll down the bag, squeezing out the excess air, and flip back the tin tie or tape to create a nice tight seal.

CoffeeVac Container: . These containers have a simple press-button vacuum closure, and they do good job of keeping away light, air, and moisture. The vacuum closure works in the same way as the degassing valve on the bag, allowing gasses to escape while keeping oxygen from entering. They open quickly and easily, and offer a simple design for the coffee beans to look good in your kitchen.

AirScape Storage Container A sweet stainless steel design has a double lid system. The first lid presses excess air out of the chamber and blocks light. The second see-through lid creates an additional barrier, plus lets you see the contents level inside. Super clever, clean, and easy to use. Ideal for use with whole bean storage.

So what about Freezing Coffee? We don’t recommend the refrigerator or freezer for your daily coffee storage. If you’re off to a tropical vacation, and will be unable to use the fresh coffee you have purchased within 2 weeks, immediately place the fresh portion that is unusable in an airtight container in the freezer. Once you're ready to consume it, remove the entire amount from freezer – it’s a one way trip – so from that point you’re going to take it out and keep it out, storing it at neutral room temperature, and using up daily from there.

Sorry, the bad news is that if your coffee is already old, there's no storage method in the world to make it come back to life. You might have to "repurpose" your coffee, or simply do your best to enjoy it until it's gone if that's your style.