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If your organization would like Lizzy's Fresh Coffee to consider a donation for an upcoming fundraiser, please submit per our Donation Request Procedure outlined here.

Donations are at the sole discretion of Lizzy's Fresh Coffee, and are subject to our company's yearly budget, marketing opportunity presented, and relevance of organization or cause to our company vision.

Donation Request Procedure:
**Only requests submitted per below will be considered.

Tip: Organization counts! We're busy, and we're sure you are too! If you come to us prepared and organized, and make donating to your cause as easy as possible, you're more likely to receive a donation.

To submit, please send email to outlining the following:
Your name, conact info, and role
Your organization name, billing address, shipping address
Your organization's Tax ID #
Your organization's cause and/or mission
Details of your event, including location, date, time, and numbers expected in attendance
What type of donated item you're seeking from Lizzy's
What date you need the item on
Your organization's donation form if applicable (electronic copy only)

Please submit at least 30 days in advance of your scheduled event for consideration.