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How the pricing works: Minimum order is 1 pc
1-24 units are $21.95 each
25-99 units are $17.96 each
100-499 units are $14.36 each 500 units or more are $13.97 each
Title Text & Label Greetings: Limited to characters noted. Type exactly how you want it to read using upper or lower case. Text sizes in tool are slightly different than the actual printed label.

Picture File Type: For best results, please send a medium or large size .jpg file that is no more than 5MB. If you upload a very small file, your finished label will be fuzzy and blurry, so the quality you choose will directly affect the quality of your label.

Edit Picture: Once uploaded, you need to adjust your image to fit and place how you'd like it. Use the bigger and smaller arrows below the design to change the size, and use the directional arrows to move your picture to the position you’d like. Once your label has been added to the cart, it can no longer be changed. If you made a mistake, simply “remove” your label from the cart, and start over on your new design.

Your Proof: Because font sizes and colors appear differently on every computer, your printed label will vary slightly from what you see on screen. The set up tool is for design and reference only. If you have any other special instructions or concerns for your coffee label, please use the "special instructions" box to advise or ask. Questions requiring a reply may delay your order's roast date.

Roasting Date: You can select your desired roast and ship date. Please be sure to allow time for shipping to arrive at your destination when desired. When roasting date "Right Away" is selected, your coffee will be roasted and shipped on the very next available roast day. When a specific date is selected, your coffee will be roasted and shipped on the day you select. We roast weekly Monday-Thursday, excluding holidays. During the month of December, we also roast the 3 Fridays leading up to Christmas.

Boo-Hoo: Label requests containing nudity or profanity cannot be accepted for orders.