After 13 years of amazing pictures submitted by our community, we have ended our monthly contest. We'll continue to feature photography of past winners as well as new stock images that compliment the coffees and bring a smile to the morning. win-free-coffee.jpg


Delivering great coffee in a boring bag just seems boring to us. That's why we've put YOU in charge of our coffee labels every month. We'll roast the incredible coffees, and you bring the smile-worthy pictures...what a team we are!
Submit your photo by following the directions below. If we pick your pic, you get sweet braggin' rights, plus a whole month of your winning coffee for free (details below). Woopie!
Choose your snapshot: Photo needs to play along with the name of one of our coffees in a fun, funny, or cool way.
Quality counts! If your pic is low resolution or dark, for example, it most likely won't be selected. Upload size not more than 4MB. ENTER CONTEST NOW Here's what we're looking for....
Sunriser: Your get up and getting after it moments.
Swinger: Swing, swinging, things that swing (except uncle vern).
Bad Dog: What's that crazy pup of yours been up to?
Easy Tiger: Sometimes a little less is more, right?
B*Day: Any special moment can feel like your birthday!
Talent: Those incredible skillz that make us unique.
Submit your snapshot: Read & accept the photo and model release terms, then upload your info & picture to our contest.
If we love your snap, we'll email you to let you know before it's featured (sometimes that's a few weeks in advance, and sometimes just a few days!)


What's in it for you? Fame! Sheesh, have you had your 15 minutes yet? Now's your chance for full braggin' rights. Winning pics are on the product, posted on our website, featured on our page on Facebook, and periodic winners are selected to be interviewed for our blog.
One month free coffee You get a freshly roasted 12 oz bag of your coffee on a weekly basis for 4 weeks. You'll want to stay home and sip coffee all day! If you live outside the U.S. we'll ship all 4 bags in one delivery.
Photo credit right on the label, listed as "photo your name". Appears on coffee and anywhere the label is featured online.
A Sweet Deal to Share! For the month that we're using your picture, you, your friends, your family or your coworkers can buy unlimited quantities of your famous coffee, or any of our coffees at a 30% discount! We'll send you a secret code to use and share once we've advised you that your picture will be on the label.
A Chance to win our "Best of the Year" contest Each year the winners are entered for a public vote to select the 6 best to be featured again in December. ENTER CONTEST NOW