Do you want to make concentrated coffee without the an espresso machine? Do you need a travel brewer? Do you want brewing flexibility? Ok, then, here's the Aeropress! It's ridiculously versatile, letting you brew concentrated or filter style coffee. It's the perfect solution to make a home version latte and it's the only thing we ever put in our suitcase while traveling.

Tools for the job
Aeropress brewer
Aeropress scoop or scale
Aeropress filters
Aeropress stir paddle
Hot water kettle
Coffee grinder

Heat water on stovetop or electric kettle to boil 
Optimal brewing temp is 195-205. At sea level, water boils at 212 F – so let water cool for a minute to 205 degrees. At high elevation (about 5000 ft) boiling point is about 203 so water can be used immediately. Measure coffee (adjust as needed to your taste)
2 oz yield 2 scoops or 24g
4 oz yield 4 scoops 48g

Grind Coffee
Fine grind (Lizzy’s #1) for concentrated cup to drink straight or add water or milk
OR Medium-Fine grind (Lizzy’s #3) for more like filter coffee

Brew (30 seconds) Take Aeropress top plunger and filter cap off
Place paper filter (optional to rinse) into filter cap and screw onto bottom of Aeropress
Put ground coffee into Aeropress

Place over sturdy mug
Fill hot water directly onto ground coffee to desired oz level per numbers on Aeropress
Use paddle to stir 10 seconds
Place Aeropress plunger and push down slowly – approximately 20 seconds to complete
Create Drink straight, add hot water, or add hot milk for the drink of your choice!

Sip & Enjoy!