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What Makes our Coffee Amazing?

You love your coffee. You're always on a quest to find the most flavorful beans to enjoy, and for some reason, you always seem to come up short. You had great coffee at "that one café, that one time" but you just can't figure out why that was so insanely delicious, and why what you always buy tastes so, well, lame. Why is that?

We'll let you in on a little secret (well, ok a few secrets).

Bean Quality Counts! Coffee is not just coffee. Beans range from super yucky to crazy amazing. Specialty Grade coffee is the top grade, and only about 10% of the world's production. Within this grade there's still great and so-so. That's where your roaster comes in....taking the time to sample roast and taste different coffees, then only selecting the ones that'll knock your socks off.

Ok, great! So what counts next?

Attentive roasting...A roaster can't just throw the coffee in the roaster, turn it brown and hope it tastes good. Nope, each coffee has to be carefully roasted to develop the best flavor potential each selection has to offer. Then, do that every time so each bag you purchase tastes just how you expect.

Ok, and here it is…the final and most important thing of all.....The coffee has to be fresh! It's true! Coffee only tastes fresh for about 2 weeks from the date it's roasted. After that, the amazing aroma and satisfying flavor characteristics quickly disintegrate, leaving only a stale, harsh, sour and rancid flavor behind. Not cool! Stale coffee is stale coffee no matter where it comes from.

So now, just like that, you're on the inside. You know the secrets to fantastic, flavorful coffees....Quality green coffees, attentive roasting, and only fresh.... Looks like you've come to just the right place to find exactly what you've been searching for. Sweet as.