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Here at Lizzy's we believe in constantly learning, growing and improving.

OUR ONGOING EDUCATIONEver since the beginning, owner Liz Roquet has never stayed still when it comes to taking the opportunity to get better at the skills of coffee roasting and brewing, and to learn more about the coffee supply chain from the seed to the final cup.

At each opportunity to learn, she's been able to expand the company's ability to produce a top quality product, and truly believes that there's never an end to gathering and sharing knowledge about coffee.

Classes, trips, or exchanging ideas with coffee peers feed the continual evolution and improvement of our coffees, and she insists we'll never sit still and stop progressing.

Liz is often asked "How did you learn to do this?" She'll first explain that she's learning and expanding her knowledge every day, but if you would like to see some of the stuff that has helped build her coffee resumé so far, here's a dip in the pool....

Liz Roquet, Head Roaster and Owner, is a Specialty Coffee Association Certified Level 1 & 2 Roaster and a Certified Level 1 & 2 Barista

Educational Experience
Coffee roasting training at Diedrich Manufacturing
Coffee developmental roasting and initial profiling with Atlas Coffee
Defects in Roasting course, SCA
Organic Acids and Chemistry of Coffee, SCA
Roaster Plant Safety with SCA
Indentifying Defects in Roasting, SCA
Heat and the Roasting Machine, SCA
Air Quality and the Roaster, SCA
Gained SCA Roaster Level 1 Certification
Grinding and Grind Analysis, SCA
Taste Testing for Production, SCA
Espresso Roasting, SCA
Coffee Packaging Fundamentals, SCA

Barista training with Atlas Coffee
Single Cup Brew Methods, Coffee Fest
Golden Cup Fundamentals, SCA
Milk and Latte Art course, SCA
Brewing Technologies, SCA
Grind, Dose, Tamp, Extract, SCA
Gained Barista Certification with the International Academy of Specialty Coffee
Espresso Bar Efficiency and Workflow, SCA
Grinding and Grind Analysis, SCA

Intro to Cupping, SCA
Le Nez Du Café, Aroma of Coffee, SCA
Triangulation Cupping, SCA
Defect Cupping, SCA
Coffee Tasters Flavor Wheel, SCA
Intro to Sensory Analysis, SCA
Cupping and Peer Calibration, SCA

Decaffeination, SCA
Green Coffee Grading, SCA
Espresso Machine Preventive Maintenance, SCA

Traveled to coffee origin in Colombia with Atlas Coffee as guest judge in their annual "Lo Mejor de Monserrate" cupping competition