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Roast: Medium-Light
Origin: Rutuma Farm, Nyeri
Experience: Apple, Orange, Blackberry

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Product Description

Get to Know This Coffee This coffee is like your favorite outfit - you know the one! It'll make you feel happy and snappy all day long. Brew as drip, press, espresso.

The Details This fully washed process coffee is grown at the Rutuma farm in clay loam soil around 5900 feet in the heart of Nyeri. Coffee cherries are picked, pulped, and fermented overnight before being sorted and dried on raised beds for 10-16 days. 

Enjoy apple, orange, blackberry in this medium-light roast.

What's Cool The region boasts some good efforts toward sustainability. Water from the local Ruthagati damn provides the farmers with the clean water for not only their coffee processing, but also for their cattle. Bringing things full circle, the remaining coffee cherry pulps are used as fertilizer for their local trees.