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Roast: Medium-Light
Origin: Central Valley
Experience: Sweet Blackberry, Toffee

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Product Description

Get to Know This Coffee Like dancing to a new song, this coffee has a familiar rhythm, but the melody and lyrics are a brand new treat to the senses. Brew as drip, press, espresso.

BRONZE MEDAL WINNER! 2023 Golden Bean North America Coffee Roasting Competition

The Details Perla Negra is a processing method developed at the Las Lejas Micromill. In this natural process, the coffee is raked and moved for 10 days as it dries directly in the sun, followed by a 3 day rest period before drying on raised beds and finished.

Enjoy sweet blackberry, toffee in this medium-light roast.

What's Cool The couple of Oscar and Francisca Chacón are third generation coffee producers, and among the first farmers in Costa Rica to produce honey and natural process specialty coffee. In 2005, the couple purchased their own depulper in order to have more control over the quality and price they received for their lots. Their eagerness to experiment has led to some of the most exciting flavor profiles out of Costa Rica today.