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Get to Know This Coffee As our signature coffee, this is a perfect companion to wake with you every morning, but will never come up short, even at 4 in the afternoon. Invite a crowd over for coffee, and this one will please just about everyone.

Its Nerdy Side This medium-dark roast coffee is a blend of coffees from Ethiopia, Brazil and Colombia. You'll enjoy sweet blueberry, cocoa, and satiny body. This coffee plays well in all brew scenarios - it will never get lost in milk, and is lovely enjoyed black.

What's Cool One of the coffees used in the blend is from a small community of 28 families in Monserrate, Colombia. A single main street sits atop the ridge, with draping homes and farms diving steeply down each side. Each year a competition is held to award individual growers cash prizes for the top quality harvests. Lizzy's also has a special relationship with the small town in 2008 kids from our community designed custom labeled coffees to raise money to purchase the kids of Monserrate new soccer jerseys. The international gift between kids - from givers to recipients - was loaded with smiles.

Roast: Medium Dark
Coffee: Blend
Experience: Rich, Blueberry, Cocoa
Brew: Espresso, Drip, Press

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