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Limited Edition

Roast: Medium-Light
Origin: Finca El Caimán, Santa Elena, La Paz, Montecillos
Experience: Strawberry, Winey Fruit, Cocoa

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Product Description

Get to Know This Coffee Like a great book, this coffee's story unfolds in front of your eyes, becoming more and more complex with every sip. Brew as drip, press, espresso.

BRONZE MEDAL WINNER! 2022 Golden Bean North America Coffee Roasting Competition

The Details Farmer Jaime Ventura's farm is 3 hectares, with 2.5 planted with coffee. Jaime picks the ripe cherries and sorts meticulously before spreading on a mesh material called sarán to dry for 20 days in his special natural processing technique.

Enjoy strawberry, winey fruit, and cocoa notes in this medium-light roast.

What's Cool Coffee was first harvested in Honduras around 1804, but origins of the first plants brought to the country is unclear. Honduras has quietly become the world's 7th largest coffee producing country, and the largest in Central America. Honduras is evolving from its reputation of just okay quality to pockets of inspired and outstanding producers focusing on maximizing the potential of this country's coffees.