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Why does freshness matter?

Do you buy baked goods that are weeks or even months old? Of course not! Why would you pay a premium price for coffee that's lost all its flavor and is as stale as an old shoe? The reality is that coffee only stays fresh for about 2 weeks from the date it's roasted. Shocker, huh?

After that, it becomes nothing but a brown memory of its once flavorful self that soon tastes harsh, bitter and sour. Aromas vaporize, and oils become rancid, to highlight just a little of the sad news.

So many of us believe this old coffee flavor is what coffee is supposed to taste like, but it's not! It's not what you should settle for, and it's definitely not what you should pay for. Only freshly roasted coffee can deliver the sweet experience...aromatic, rich, and full of flavor.

How does Lizzy's make sure that's what you get to enjoy?

Our coffees are only roasted to order. You order, we roast, and we ship to you the very same day! (See our roasting schedule below.) Whether you're picking up your local order at day's end or we're shipping across the country, you'll enjoy the complete flavors and aromas your coffee is capable of presenting.

Here's a little insider secret about fresh coffee.....

Believe it or not, coffee actually needs time to "degas" after roasting, so the 1-3 day period for transit or pickup is perfect! Your coffee will be at its flavor peak and ready to enjoy. Sheesh, we couldn't have planned that better.

Every bag of our coffee is marked with the roasting date right on the bag. While it's fresh, you'll experience the intensity, flavor, and guaranteed freshness you deserve to enjoy in every cup you brew.

Be sure to visit our STORING COFFEE section to learn more.

Your coffee is about you, after all, so find the type of roast that makes you happy, order it, and sip it while it's fresh. You can even sign up for a regular shipping schedule so you're sure to have your fresh beans roasted when you need them.