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If you love the stainless steal Airscape canisters, this is an even more beautiful version of the storage canister you know. It's a fantastic coffee storage container to keep your beans as fresh as they can be. Light, air, moisture are all coffee's enemies, and this sleek ceramic container from Planetary Designs does the job with a clever 2-lid system. The first lid presses excess air out of the chamber and blocks light. The second lid creates beautiful look and seal. Classic glazed ceramic kitchen canister. Super clever, clean, and easy to use.
Will keep your freshly roasted coffee at its best flavor right at room temperature (yep, right on your countertop).

Lizzy's Tip: Great for whole bean coffee. Ground coffee tends to fly out of the container when the suction lid is removed (uh-em....yet another reason to buy a grinder).

  • Canister glazed ceramic. Inner lid BPA free plastic. Outer lid bamboo.
  • Patented valve forces air out, then locks the lid in place
  • Durable construction resists staining as well as odor and taste transfer
  • 64 fluid oz. capacity, suitable for 16 oz (1lb) of coffee
  • Size 5.25" diameter, 7" tall